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The spiritual yoga foundation(meditation)
Meditation is a concentration of mind ….. There are two ways of achieving concentration of mind.
Jap (Chanting of Mantrra’s)
Dhyan (Meditation)
The chanting of mantra,s is a tool that is generally used for making the mind focued on one subject.mantra chanting is a simple exercise for achieving better concentration .basically this whole process constitutes an effort to migrate from the gross to the subtle. The research into meditation has also turned up some physical results.area of the brain which deal with attention and processing sensory input have been found to actually thickness.
Meditation has an immense positive effect on the three great indicators of aging (1)our sense of hearing (2)our blood pressure and(3) our eyesight. In a brain scan study of meditation who have practice for a long time was compared with a control group that never meditate.brain scaning showed the meditetors has increased thickness in area of brain.mainly we can say that meditation is a healing approach. Through meditation is relaxing the body.when the body relaxes,the mind follows.consquently scientifically proven that reducing stress relieving anxiety and strengthening the immune system.
Meditation also having the ability to quit once`s mind retreat to a thought-free state of calmness that opens the connection to higher intelligence and greatly enhances problem solving abilities.
As you tapping into the vast-wisdom of the universe . you continue to welcome the innate reconnection of your mind,body and sprit.and you will naturally begin to take a holistic approach toward healing yourself and living your life.
When you calm your mind and focus on what you want with desire belief and expectancy the gates of the universe open up to provide you the fastest and easiest path towards obtaining it.
Yoga has two ways
1. Aasan (Physical Exercice)
2. (a) Dhyan (Chanting Mantra,s)
  (b) Anterdhyan (Meditation) through this change internally&we connect to the supreme soul
Our main motto of meditation is anterdhyan we make concentration our mind.
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