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Science & Astrology are not (opposite) contrary but Reciprocal because Of the Way of Cure is Different the Science depends on; based on Experiment Then result Afterward Science recommend us Treatment means there is experiment theory then treatment.
But astrology is entirely based on our faith, belief & god Blessing. Astrology is the science of soul. The astrologer visit your Birth chart & See the position of planets in ascended chart very minutely he watch the planet position as good position or not good position (deep astrological knowledge)
He recommends some astrological pathey as mantra’s, Havan, meditation, somewhere semi precious stone
Those are represents planets (moon, sun mercury, Venus…..). The Astrologey is soul science - means mind+intellect+thought The astrologer repair this three things according to your birth chart he gives you a thought
A small thought is small action – As per GEETA
A small action is become one day your destination
Astrology is successfully by blessing and empowered by god by meditation.Science says the body made by five elements which are earth, air, space, fire, & water, like that same our astrology says we are made by (panchtatv) five element As says science where is controversy, no-controversy no difference only treatment mode are different
Doctor gives medicines & a astrologer gives you a thought power by blessing of god & resulting improve your self confidence means you charged and our motto (science & astrology) is healthy and wealthy people. I want to say one thing is that you trust 100% I will give you 110% because of astrology is completely based on our faith Meditation gives me power and blessing of god. I will break your past experience, forcefully and lovingly interred your mind. I will give you a new thought new belief. You will get your destination very soon don’t waste your time & contact once. You will get the positive result & goal which you desire
A right information create a right thought
A thought is a small action.
Previously I said astrology is a soul science (spirituality) means to know yourself.
To know our self means intra inspection you will see lot of possibilities to do a right action [they are hidden] this is only possible in astrology where a astrologer find out your skills, capability, strength according to you horoscope he gives a solution there are two choices
(i) Belief (ii) Not Belief
(i) Belief than contact to know you strengths
(ii) Not Belief - ? Without understanding anything you can’t think because you don’t know the strength of astrology you can’t make any opinion so there is one choice of Belief
although I have not much time but I will try to take your problem and give you a right solution. You will get solution right direction through which you will get your destination
Our Line Of Work
To know when And where you will prosperous in business and jobs.
Is Your Patner or alone ?
What kind of job or business and when i should do ?
Which time is favorable to me for a good job and business ?
Recently ; whatever you are doing is favorable?
Marriage problem boys/girl have solution here.
Gems stones are available here with proper cost.
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